PROPERTY CONSULTING, LLC can provide support at an hourly rate or a fixed fee to meet your immediate business needs…whether reviewing documents for an acquisition or preparing for financing. When deadlines are critical, we will provide you with the tools you need to meet your goals!

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© 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  |  Manuel Gil, Owner is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Washington with District Real Estate


I Love What I Do

Quite simple really, I assist others in locating, buying, and selling real estate property.​

I do research extensively with zoning, regulations, utilities, encumbrances, market pricing, future development, environmental requirements, planning, and more. 

I meet with property owners, potential clients, and negotiate the best terms and prices possible.

Ok, maybe not so simple, but in a nutshell that is what I'm about. I'm straight forward and am constantly alert to new potential real estate transactions.

Manuel Gil

Property Consultant

Direct: 360.949.3476