PROPERTY CONSULTING, LLC can provide support at an hourly rate or a fixed fee to meet your immediate business needs…whether reviewing documents for an acquisition or preparing for financing. When deadlines are critical, we will provide you with the tools you need to meet your goals!

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By locating properties that are not on the market nor the MLS, it has given me a competitive advantage, a position of standing out, and a point of distinction.


This is why I have clients requesting their ideal property, whether for a family that desires to build on raw land or a large commercial construction company wanting to service their clients! Individuals, families or developers, I can assist them effectively since I bring a tremendous amount of value to each.

There are huge financial benefits by locating property not on the MLS, especially if the property is highly desirable. Now, since I am a licensed real estate broker in the state of Washington for District Real Estate, I can also assist in locating residential property that is on the market. 

With trust, confidentiality, and the ability to negotiate and locate properties for others, my clients understand that they are in a better position to purchase. Especially, since a vast amount of property research has been done priorly to presenting a client a potential property.

My task is to research and then to present.  I have passion for what I do, and I sincerely enjoy assisting clients attain their property goals.


Win/Win is always my pursuit in real property transactions, so please let me know how I can serve.


Manuel Gil

Property Consultant

Direct: 360.949.3476